Frequently Asked Questions

  I’ve decided to go the freelance route, why should I hire you vs. another copywriter?

I have over 25+ years of professional writing experience. I have written copy for many different businesses of my own and others. My copywriting has been the essential ingredients in seeing companies reach success and their profit goals. I would love to dig in with your project. and learn more about your company and business to provide you the results driven copy you require. I bring not only expert copywriting skills to the table, but also marketing savvy and business knowledge. I’ve been front row to companies taking off and seeing their sales soar through the use of my copy. My copywriting gets results. I can do the same for you.

  What types of copywriting services do you provide?

I write all types of copy. Please see the list of services according to what you need. If there is a service you need that’s not on the list, ask me! I will most likely be able to handle the project you need.

  Does it matter if my project is large or small?

I’ll answer that directly with a resounding NO! No job is too big or too small. I will gladly and proudly write copy for anything you and your company has coming up.

  Do you have a diverse group of clients?

My copywriting clients fall into many categories across the board. I have clients in many different capacities including medical, real estate, Dental, toys, product developers and more! Truly, no matter what field you are in or what market your product or service is in, I learn all about you, your project, product and service. I ask specific questions that will allow me to study the project, your goals and product. This will allow me to give you the best copy for your project. It’s really that simple. I take pride in producing copy for any type of business.

  How do you quote each copywriting project?

Every project is different with different goals at hand. I try to assess the project and the time and creative input needed. I will assess and work with you and your budget. I am very competitive with my rates. I work out of my home office and I reflect the savings of doing so in my pricing. This cost savings is given to you as my customer.

  Do you have an hourly rate for writing copy?

My hourly rate is $75.00 per hour. I put that out there as I get this question all the time, But, having an hourly rate is something that is used on occasion on a need basis. . Usually, I don’t charge for my copywriting services by the hour. Why? Because you want results. You want sales. That is important to you. This is why I quote price based upon creative input, urgency, and type of project. In laymen terms, you might pay more for my services but you will get the copy that gets the job done! That’s the sole reason you hire a copywriter like me. It’s no about saving money. It’s all about you paying a fee for my experience in sales and marketing.. Bottom line. My copywriting gets results with high quality, My fees are based upon my value that I provide, not time. In general good copy doesn’t cost money; it makes money by selling your products or services and generating PROFIT!

  Will you give me a specific quote?

Of course.  I understand that most budgets are tight, and projects are needed right now. I will ask some serious questions and learn all about your project.. Then I’ll provide a, fair price, and a realistic timeline of completion before work begins. You will know exactly what you’re spending for your budget per project with me. I give excellent work with real value. I take pride in generating great copy and first-rate service. Plus, with me, you get first-hand my marketing expertise and business know-how.

  What are your company terms?

I always ask for a 50% deposit up front for most copywriting projects. I also request the balance due upon project completion. If you need to discuss credit terms we can discuss and work out details.

  What types of payments do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, company checks or electronic payments through PayPal. Through PayPal you can still pay using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. I have a company link I can send that makes the process super convenient.

  Do you write copy for B2B or a B2C copywriter?

I’m both. I write for both sectors using my sales and marketing experience, I’ve had many businesses, clients and projects in both categories. I try to accept every project. But sometimes I may not be the man for the job. I’ll ask you questions about your business and if I’m not a fit, I’ll tell you up front.

  Do you think your writing style will fit my project?

Yes I do. I write very conversational. My copy connects with customers quickly and does the job. I write as though I were speaking directly with the reader. Now, all projects are different and have different goals. So, different voicing is required so I adjust my tone and vocabulary to fit accordingly to the situation.

  What makes you unique as a copywriter?

I have followed my spirit and built many multi-million dollar companies. I have written copy that has generated millions over the years. I have (25+ years in sales and marketing and 14 years as a Realtor and Real Estate Broker copywriter), I care about my clients and their success. I get wholly invested in every project I do. Simply put…I care about my client’s success! Bottom line. I ask lots of questions and I listen to your answers. I want to understand your business and your project inside and out. I will provide sales and marketing input that goes way beyond just writing a few pages of copy. You have the ability to tap into my sales and marketing experience first-hand.

  Do You Meet With Your Clients Face to Face?

Most of my clients now are not local to Hurricane West Virginia, where I live.  They come from other states and other countries. Most find me through a Google search for copywriters. I will be glad to meet you locally and if you are close to me within 50 miles we can meet in person. But if not, no worries whatsoever. We can communicate via phone, email, ZOOM or Google Hangout.

  Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. After we’ve discussed the project and agreed upon details of your copywriting project, I’ll put together an agreement that summarizes the agreed upon details including the price. The agreement is the sure-fire method to ensure that we have the same expectations.

  How can I expect my copy to be submitted?

Once I complete each project I’ll provide the copy to you in MS Word sent via email.

  What happens if I don’t like the first draft of copy?

If you don’t like the first draft that is okay. I do strive to get it right the first time, but if that’s not the case, I can easily fix it and solve the problem. I will take your suggestions and utilize them to help me to clarify exactly what you do want. After the first draft, if you are not happy with the copy, I’ll use the first draft to help me write a second draft that will be exactly what you need.

  Will you be able to write about my business if you don’t have any direct experience in my field?

Yes. My experience is vast with different businesses over the years. I will learn and study your company and your project. This allows me to product the best copy needed to get the results you need and want. Plus, there’s a good chance I’ve written for your industry and can hit the ground running when we get started on your project.

  Can I see some examples of your copywriting work?

Sure!  You can see my portfolio here at portfolio.  You can also ask for me to send over my portfolio book to your email. Just let me know!

  How soon can we get started?

We should have gotten started yesterday! I’m kidding of course, but I am ready to take on your project now! However, I do my best to give fast turnarounds but the turnaround is based upon how much I learn as quickly as I can about your project. If your project has a tight deadline, please let me know up front. I’ll do my best to make sure I can accommodate your schedule.  Plus, with me, every project will gave a completion date in place. So, If you would like your project completed as soon as possible and we both know what to expect before we get started it is not a problem.

  What if I live in another state (not West Virginia like you) or country? Can we still work together?

Absolutely. While I do have many clients based in West Virginia, and specifically my home city of Hurricane, I also work with companies from other states and other countries. We work by phone, email, ZOOM or Google Hangout.

  Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?  How about a non-compete agreement?

Yes.  You can provide those documents and I will sign them.  However, I’m an extremely moral person with a strong code of ethics.  But signing these types of documents is not a problem.

  Do I own the copy you write for me?

Everything I do is yours. I have no ties to it or rights. You are a paying customer and every word I write for you is yours. You own the copyright on any copy that you’ve hired me to write for you. I’ll never give or use it for someone else.

  How can I take the next step to work with you?

If you feel I’m a good fit then let’s get started right away. Simply give me a call and let’s start learning about your project and together we’ll figure out the best approach. I’ll say this as well, there isn’t a commitment to work with me when you call. Once we talk I’ll together a proposal with prices and a timeline.


Copywriting that copies no one and is as unique as you!

Contact me WRITE away and I’ll be happy to talk about your next project!