Prosthetic/Amputee Copywriting Services

My name is Jeffrey Mangus and let me tell you my story…

I have dedicated my copywriting services to the Prosthetic and Amputee industry. I am learning all about prosthetics and the amputee life. I find it needed information and I find it gives me hope.


After losing a battle with a flesh eating bacteria, in December 2017 I became an amputee (BKA) and almost lost my life. Being stubborn and strong-willed I fought to get back on two feet. I fought hard.

I learned how to balance and climb stairs on one leg. Getting dressed and even going to the bathroom on one leg was a challenge that I overcome!  Learning to deal with life as an amputee has been a hard one but has taught me many things about myself. That I can persevere and I can endure when facing the hardest challenges of life and still come out on top.  That may seem boisterous… but to me it’s simply the truth.

I admit I didn’t see it coming! But after research and my new found lease on life, I have decided to pursue copywriting for the prosthetic/amputee industry as whole.

Yes, new to the Prosthetic Industry as an Amputee and Prosthetic Amputee copywriter but not new to copywriting and my skills that I offer.

Now that you know this about me…do you think I couldn’t write your project and get the job done?

Absolutely I can! There is no doubt!

Just give me the copywriting job and consider it done!

I have been a business owner and have worked in sales and marketing, in many capacities, over a span of 25+ years. I have followed a relentless spirit and drive leading me to own, manage and grow two multi-million dollar real estate companies and achieved great success.

How did I do that? The answer is simple…

Excellent copywriting!

Words sell product and that’s what I want to do for you and your company. One thing I know is that I will work extremely hard and present to you the copy that YOUR COMPANY NEEDS!

After losing my leg…there isn’t anything I can’t handle!

I would love to work for you! I want to be your go-to Prosthetic/Amputee Copywriter! Get in touch with me today!

Copywriting that copies no one and is as unique as you!

Contact me WRITE away and I’ll be happy to talk about your next project!