About Me

My name is Jeffrey A. Mangus and first off, I’m not a slick fast-talking salesman. I leave that up to the other guys. I do not want to ever do business that way.

I simply offer professional outstanding copywriting to anyone, any company, any corporation, big or small. Anyone who needs to sell their product or service I am your man! With me, you will get results as my skills as a copywriter will help you increase your bottom line. That’s my bottom line.

I have been a business owner and have worked in sales and marketing, in many capacities, over a span of 25+ years. I have followed a relentless spirit and drive leading me to own, manage and grow two multi-million dollar real estate companies and achieved great success. How did I do that? The answer is simple.

That success came from my sales and marketing skills mixed with excellent copywriting. Words sell product and that’s what I want to do for you and your company. One thing I know is that I will work extremely hard and present to you the copy that YOUR COMPANY NEEDS AND WANTS.

See you on the other side

Jeffrey A. Mangus
CEO/Senior Copy Writer

Copywriting that copies no one and is as unique as you!

Contact me WRITE away and I’ll be happy to talk about your next project!